New brick factory in Ibstock, Leicester

The exhibition

Ibstock will be holding a public information day on the 25th April 2015 to provide further information about the proposed new factory.

A series of information panels will be on display with members of the project team on hand to answer any questions that you may have.

This is taking place:

Saturday 25th April 2015 from 2 pm – 7 pm at the Ibstock Leicester Head Office off Leicester Road, LE67 6HS


After the exhibition details of the event will be posted on this page within one week of the 25th April.

Exhibition Review

The public exhibition was held in the Company’s head office adjacent to the Brickworks on Saturday 25th April 2015 from 14:00 until 19:00. Representatives of Ibstock and AECOM were present to explain or discuss the application with visitors.

The exhibition consisted of 8 professionally produced, full colour information boards, including details of the history of the Brickworks and Quarry, the Proposed Development, an explanation of the planning process and some information about the impact assessments that are undertaken to inform the planning application and environmental statement (copies of the exhibition board content are included below).

History of the Ibstock site

Site and setting

The planning application process

Landscape and visual

Noise and air quality

The proposed new Ibstock Factory

Sustainable design and development

Benefits of the new Ibstock Factory

A video demonstrating a recent Ibstock factory development in Stoke on Trent was available to show attendees the scale and modern technology being proposed. The video is also embedded in this project website as a link to YouTube.

Visitors were asked to sign an attendance register on arrival. Over the course of the event, 60 individuals signed the register and a further 20 (estimated) attended but chose not to sign in.

Those coming to the consultation event were also encouraged to fill in a comment sheet. 29 were completed – 5 by individuals who supported the Proposed development and 24 by individuals who had concerns. The main concerns raised either verbally and/or in the completed comments sheets were as follows:

  • potential adverse effects in terms of traffic, noise, air quality, light pollution and visual amenity;
  • effect on house prices;
  • cumulative effects with the housing development proposed by Gladman Developments Ltd.;
  • potential adverse effects on ecology and enjoyment of views from public footpaths as a result of blanket tree planting;
  • retention of the public rights of way network;
  • the site location – given the apparent availability of alternative locations within the company’s ownership which would be further from houses; and
  • the need for the company to adopt improved standards of estate management and operational controls and be more available i.e. to be a better neighbour.

These comments and concerns will now be reviewed by Ibstock and their advisors to assess modifications which should be made to the proposed new factory development before the planning application is submitted. The application document will include a section explaining in more detail the comments raised at the exhibition and specifically how each were embraced in the final submission.