New brick factory in Ibstock, Leicester


The history of the company

Ibstock takes its name from the original base in the village of Ibstock in Leicestershire, where the company headquarters are situated. Brick making has taken place on the site pre 1830. In 1899, the Company was registered as Ibstock Collieries Ltd. Its principal activity was coal mining as well as quarrying clay for the manufacture of bricks and pavers.

During the next 30 years, the trading emphasis changed from coal to manufacture of brick from its original Leicestershire base in Ibstock.

In 1963, following the acquisition of Himley Brick Company Ltd, near Wolverhampton, Ibstock shares were offered to the public for the first time. There then followed a major expansion programme in the UK designed to extend the products and services by the Company more widely throughout the country.

In 1970, The Ibstock Brick and Tile Company Ltd combined with Johnsen, Jorgensen & Wettre Ltd, whose business was the sale of wood pulp and newsprint in the UK and Western Europe, to form a new parent company, Ibstock Johnsen Ltd (which would become Ibstock plc). The increased resources of the new group were used to continue the programme of expansion of brick making facilities and services. During this time Ibstock Building Products Ltd was the first brick manufacturer to offer specialist brickwork design advice, through its Brickwork Design Centre in major cities and a national team of Design Advisors.

In 1990 Ibstock Building Products acquired two new companies; Hathernware Ltd and Ceba Ltd. Hathernware manufactured terracotta and architectural faience and Ceba manufacture architectural wet cast stone.

Through continued expansion the following timeline shows the acquisitions of Ibstock throughout the 1990’s:

  • 1994 – Acquisition of Scottish Brick
  • 1995 – Acquisition of Tarmac
  • 1996 – Acquisition of Redland/Steetly
  • 1999 – Acquisition of the Ellistown site in Leicester

In 1999, the stone factories were transferred to Forticrete, a sister company in CRH and Ibstock Group was formed of Ibstock Brick Ltd and Forticrete Ltd. Within the Group the respective companies still exist and trade as individual entities.

In 2003, Ibstock re branded to include ‘Innovators In Clay’ in the title, reflecting the company’s changing emphasis on business excellence through innovation and another chapter in Ibstocks history started.

Ibstock now has 19 operational brick factories. The company employs nearly 1400 people across the UK and has the backing of one of the world’s leading private, alternative asset management firms, Bain Capital.

As market leader in the UK, Ibstock is well-placed in the market and continuous investment in manufacturing equipment and people will ensure that it will prosper for many years to come.

The company

Ibstock Brick forms part of Ibstock Building Products a Group of Companies in the UK and United States owned by Bain Capital, one of the world’s leading private, alternative asset management firms, with approximately $75 billion in assets under management.

The Ibstock Group of Companies comprises; Ibstock Brick, Ibstock Kevington, Forticrete and Supreme plus a US Brick manufacturer Glen Gerry.

Ibstock Brick is the UK’s leading manufacturers of clay products and employs nearly 1400 people in the UK spread over 19 sites. The sites are located throughout the UK and most have associated quarrying operations at or near to them.

In addition to the factory sites are areas of non operational land within the portfolio in similar geographical locations as the factories. Ibstock Kevington is directly related to Ibstock brick employing over 60 people manufacturing a special products range from simple cut and bond products to elaborate architectural solutions.

Forticrete and Supreme offer core manufacturing using concrete to produce block and plinth designs, fencing posts and supporting lintels for buildings. The geographic location is similar to Ibstock Brick, however the units do not have the associated clay quarries. Total employment for these two businesses is over 500 people.

The headquarters for Ibstock Building Products is in the village of Ibstock, Leicestershire.

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