New brick factory in Ibstock, Leicester

Benefits of the new Ibstock factory

The new Ibstock factory provides substantial benefits linked with the creation of inward investment into Leicestershire and the UK, all associated with the construction of probably the most modern brick factory in the world.

  • The increased brick manufacturing capacity required to help support the recovery in the building sector and to reduce dependency on imported bricks, thereby benefitting the local, regional and national economies, including improving the country’s balance of payments
  • The new factory in Ibstock will provide enough bricks alone to build 15,000 new homes per annum and coupled with the existing output, the site will provide enough bricks for around 28,000 new homes per annum
  • Investment to be made during the construction phase, in new buildings, stockyards plus plant and machinery, will be of substantial benefit to the local economy.
  • Long term stable employment for over 340 people maintained at Ibstock Building Products Group Companies in Ibstock and Ellistown, with 50 new full time jobs coming from the new Ibstock factory alone.
  • Revenue spend in the local and wider economy through employment and numerous services both purchased and rendered to be increased from c.£12 million per annum to c.£15.5 million per annum.
  • Business rates paid to North West Leicestershire District Council to be increased above current £320,000 per annum to around £500,000 per annum.
  • An ability to build within the boundary of the existing Ibstock Leicester site, representing an ideal and unique opportunity
  • Sustainable utilisation of nationally important clay reserves from the on-site quarry
  • A location in the centre of the UK, ideally placed to reach most UK markets
  • Maintenance of significant tracts of land around the boundary of the site as Local Nature Reserves/Local Wildlife Sites, enhanced as part of developing screening landforms and plantations
  • A site development plan entirely compatible with the creation and enhancement of the National Forest.